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Flower by iRainbow-Unicorn
Finally finished coloring the flower picture~
Kind of sloppy, but I put so much effort into this I don't even care.
“You are burning this bridge, then?”

The Tower
teaches those who would listen
that sometimes the foundations
aren’t really as strong as we hoped.
That truth can be destructive,
and sometimes, we just can’t cope.

I hold no match in my hand,
but if you choose to see one
it is completely okay,
after all I chose to run,
and I let this crumble and fall.

I may not have burned this bridge,
but I can see the real cause,
the truth is that it was the ridge
between us that grew too far,
and when the foundations groaned
from the weight and the pressure
the repairs were just postponed.

Don’t tell me that you never
saw this destruction coming,
that you never saw the smoke,
or what we had succumbing.

The Tower teaches us that
the truth is like a fire,
warm at times, but destructive,
and our lies like the spire,
fated to crumble and break.
When Bridges Burn
I haven't written any poetry and a really long time, and this one is kind of personal (and inspired by Tarot cards!). However, I really like how this one turned out, and I think I might start writing more poetry inspired by Tarot.
Spring by iRainbow-Unicorn
This took nearly 8 hours to finish. Drawn with the Colors3D program for the 3DS, if you want to see the speed painting then check this out:
Forest Spirit by iRainbow-Unicorn
Forest Spirit
Drawn on my Nintendo 3DS using the Colors3D program. I highly suggest it if you have a 3DS and like drawing, it's a pretty good drawing program. If you'd like to see the speed painting:
It's been a VERY long time since I posted a journal entry, so... here is a journal entry.

It's been a quiet year for me and I unfortunately haven't been into art as much as I would like to be. I have some photos of Hurricane Ridge coming up (though they don't do the actual place any justice) over the next few days, then I'm going to start working on some haunt photos you'll all probably see sometime in November.

I'm going to be moving from my beautiful rainy state to the bottom of California in a few months... so, around February/March I'm going to disappear while I get settled in - and again when we get our own place. If anyone has any tips for moving out of state - please do share.

ALSO, if you want to buy any of my art (through the print system) and throw some money my way for this move, PLEASE don't hesitate. Also, I will be selling Tarot readings as well! Those will, of course, go through me and you'll find all the information about that in the link provided on all my photos.

As usual, my Facebook can be found here and my Tumblr can be found here. Please like, follow and reblog!
I'm 2 likes away from 100 on FB too, if that could get to 100 or over that would be REALLY cool. I have 335 waters, I know I could get at least 2 of you to check out those sites.

Now, off to my haunted house job!
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Miss Jo
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I am a 21 year old artist, specializing in photography but I don't believe in sticking to one thing. I am a believer of faeries and magic and I am in no way, shape, or form ashamed of that. I embrace my inner child, and I can be an adult if I need to be. I'm a quiet girl, but that doesn't mean I don't have a lot to say nor that I will not stand up for myself if needed.

I am no one else but me, and I don't plan to change for anyone other than me.

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