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August 4, 2013


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So, a couple friends of mine suggested that I make a calendar.
I enjoy doing graphic design (granted I don't think I've posted much) so I kind of thought it would a be a cool thing. But, I don't know how that would go over and stuff...

So, what do you guys think?
Should I go for a calendar? What advice do you have to offer? Where would be a good place to start? I was told Etsy, but I am not 100% sure yet. 

Have a Facebook?? Like me! You can see photos before I upload them here!…

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Print Prices and Information!
Do you like one of my photographs or drawings? Well you can buy them! All my prints are printed on lovely

Due expense issues, now you guys have to buy through dA's print system. I high encourage that you do! If you want a picture and it's not listed as a print, please request it so I can make it a print! Note: I will still be able to make hand-made frames!

Optional Frames!
I also make lovely little handmade frames, which is going to be about 15$ extra! Here are some examples of the frames:………

They are made out of cardboard... yay green frames!

Tarot Readings!
I also read Tarot cards if you're interested in that sort of stuff!
My prices are a whopping 2$ a cards AND you get personalized spreads! So, if you want a five card reading about where you are in life it would cost 10$ and may look something like this:


1) Your current position:
2) What you're doing right:
3) What you're doing wrong:
4) How you can fix the right:
5) Advice:

But considering these are personalized spreads, your positions can be anything you want them to be! Here are some quick FAQs so you can get the best reading:


1) Tarot doesn't mix well with yes or no questions. If you have a yes or no question, it'd be best to word it something like: "What is the probability xxx is going to xxx?"
2) If you want readings about the future, you should know that things can change and it may not be all too accurate.
3) Tarot works best, in my opinion, with advice-type questions. You should start out your questions with "What can I/do I" or "How..."
4) Yes, Tarot truly works. Does it make sense? Not entirely, but that doesn't mean that it does not work.

My Decks
I have five decks that you can choose from.
The Mystic Faerie is my first deck, it's a gentle, patient and psychic deck that knows how deliver it's messages firmly yet kindly. It's best when you're dealing with the unknown and when you need to take a risk, but don't expect intelligence to be put before emotions!…

The Deviant Moon happens is my second deck, it's logical and a bit less patient and gentle than the MF... but it's still a rather helpful deck. It's not great when it comes to lovey-dovey happy and joyful readings... but works best when you are in pain and when you are looking for a solution out of the pain.…

My third deck is the Archeon. This is a logical, surreal, dark and powerful deck that works best when you're using it for matters that lie beyond the physical and mundane.... for spirituality, for dreams, even for creativity. If you're looking for a clear as crystal reading though... this won't give it to you! This deck is a light in the dark... but not the best light in the world, it'll make sure to keep some things a mystery.…

My fourth deck is the Cosmic Tarot. If you want your problems solved, this is not the deck for you! But if you want to develop your beliefs, you might find that this is what you're looking for. I honestly haven't read very often with this deck yet, but I can tell that it's a deeply psychological deck that is a deep well of knowledge.…

My fifth deck is the Shadowscapes tarot. The Mystic Faerie and this deck share many things in common, it is a gentle yet whimsical deck, capable of great insight but still a bit on the dreamy side. This is a deck that's great for art, psychic, dreams, and love readings, but if you want a clear-cut logical answer I would take a step back from this deck!…


I am also reading Top Trumps Horror cards... since it's still practice I won't ask you to pay (yup, it's free!) for a reading that may not be accurate (but I'm open for tips if they are! Appreciated, no way required). The basic idea is the same as Tarot but it's very different in regards to symbolism, you ask a question and I'll draw one card (more in the future, because it's so different and challenging I'm starting out small)
Darklight1999 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2013
I wonder if you could use your love of art and tarot to make a calendar?
iRainbow-Unicorn Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
That is definitely an idea, but if I were to take that option I would want it drawn instead of taking photos - or if I did take photos then that would lead to a project I don't think I'm quite up to tackle yet.

That would be good for the future though.. once I hone my skills at art and/or photography.
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